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Nintex workflow - Solution for changing the FROM field in a large amount of emails



I have a large workflow with quite a few emails in it and with fairly frequent requests to change out the FROM: (sender) of the email to different people in our organization. They want me changing it every few months. Ideally I would have the emails come from a distribution group but that only works once when I type out the email address of the dist group (as the sender) and save and publish with no problems. The kicker is, when I go in and make any type of edit whatsoever to the body of the email (change a word or something) it breaks the distribution email and defaults to coming from the generic sharepoint email address. This is so annoying! I tried creating a people variable and sticking a user in that then using that variable throughout the workflow so at least I would not have to manually change every email when they want it updated but that also does not resolve. Any tips or tricks or workarounds to this limitation? I am SharePoint 2013 Nintex on prem and ideally hoping to use the distribution group or at the least, get a variable working so I can change the FROM recipient in only one place. 

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