Nintex task form attachments

We are using Nintex forms and workflows on the SharePoint 2016 environment and We have a requirement such that every approver (around 10 levels of approval) can attach files.

We can see upload attachment option on the task form. However, the files attached on the task form are only saved to the task item and not to the main list item. We would like to display all the attachments on the main list form. We found a solution to get task list item attachment links and store it on a main list column and display it. But this is not an ideal solution for us as if the workflow restarted, or if the completed task list items are deleted then the attachment links on the main list item would be invalid. Please suggest if you have found any solution for this problem.

However, I am still wondering why this feature is missing on nintex workflow.

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Re: Nintex task form attachments

We have a document library on the site to store files

The way we did it is like this:

1) Whenever a request is created; create a folder in the library with the name obtained from a pattern of Request Id and Request Title. Eg: 219-SurgicalNeedles

2) Save this URL as part of the record's information.

3) In Request Form or Task form; simply link to this Folder URL instead of providing other default attachment option.

4) Now; there is a single source for the record's attachments and it is being stored where it should be: In a document library that is meant to process files. This has some benefits like allowing versioning on the files.



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