Nintex form is not opening


I had a list and there we were using SP OOB form , now i have created a nintex form on the list but still when i go to capture the data New,Edit then OOB form is opening. 


Is there any setting I need to do inorder to open Nintex form ?



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Re: Nintex form is not opening

What version of SharePoint are you using?

Are you sure you're using a native SharePoint form, or is it an InfoPath form? Or, by chance, was there ever an InfoPath form on this list?


The reason I ask is because, natively, if you create a Nintex Form and Publish it, the form will automatically replace the original SharePoint form. HOWEVER, if you have an InfoPath form on the list, a Nintex Form will NOT automatically replace it. You'll need to follow these steps:

  1. Go into List Settings from the Ribbon
  2. Click the Form Settings link
  3. You will see "Internet Explorer is required to use this feature.", even if you are using IE.2019-03-08_15-49-57.png
  4. Press F12 on your keyboard to open the Developer Console
  5. Click the Emulation Tab, and then change the "User agent string" drop down to Internet Explorer 10.2019-03-08_15-50-45.png
  6. The Internet Explorer window should refresh and give you a screen similar to this:2019-03-08_15-52-32.png
  7. If you've published a Nintex Form and are using an InfoPath form, there should be another option on this screen go back to default or something similar. (I don't have a good example for a screenshot right now.)

Try these steps to see if if it gives you the additional option.