Nintex for Office 365: Create SP list Item lending Workflow



I have created a SharePoint (365) Custom List. Every list item represents a book and its metadata (the columns).


Now I would like to create a Nintex Workflow, which allows users to borrow a book.


Something like that: 


After a user pushes the button, a Nintex Workflow should be started, which writes the name of the user who triggered the Workflow into the Lent-To-Column and into the Lent-To Column till when it's lent (today's date + 30 days). Everything of course only for the Item, from which the workflow was started.

Is there any way to start a Nintex 365 Workflow from the column of a SP list item (For example the yellow button in my screenshot, but can be also a string or something else) and which also only affects changes on this item?

Or are there any best practices you would like to share with me to realize my demand?

Thanks to everyone helping me :)

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Nintex How-To Center Expert
Nintex How-To Center Expert

Re: Nintex for Office 365: Create SP list Item lending Workflow

There are a couple of ways to achive this solution.
1. I am not sure how your button works but if you could make the button update a column then you would not need a workflow to do it.
2. If you would like a workflow to run and you can make the button update a column you could make the workflow conditional based on a column being updated.
3. You could get really technical and make the button call a web service to start the workflow on the item.
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