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Nintex Workflow Templates - Amazon AWS manage your costs

Products: Nintex Workflow 2013

Your organization wants to take full advantage of the cost savings in cloud computing. Nintex Live helps you do this by automating start and stop times of your virtual machines.

Workflows with Nintex Live Amazon Web Services (AWS) actions help you automate processes to ensure that you are only paying for AWS assets when you actually need them – spin machines up before employees start, shut them down after they leave, and optimize your IT budget.

This example uses the Nintex Live action, Amazon EC2 create instance.

What will I find attached to this article?

Attached to the article, you will find a SharePoint List (.stp) and Workflow (.nwf) exports for a fictitious company 'Crestan' to:

  • Start Amazon AWS servers (Start_Crestan_cloud_computers.nwf)
  • Stop Amazon AWS servers (Stop_Crestan_cloud_computers.nwf)
  • List that the workflows above need to find the relevant servers (Crestan Cloud Servers.stp)

Prerequisites for this template:

  • Nintex Live activated on your Nintex Workflow environment Installing Nintex Workflow 2013 (section Nintex Live)
  • An Amazon AWS account, 
  • Create some instances (in the N. Virginia region) which you would like to start/stop
  • Security credentials for your Amazon AWS account - under <your name> Security Credentials then Access Credentials, obtain the Access Key ID and the Secret Access Key
  • The list 'Crestan Cloud Servers' needs to be populated with real instance IDs created in your Amazon AWS account

To begin:

  1. Create the list in your SharePoint environment using the template, and then the site workflows.
  2. Import the Nintex Workflow templates.
  3. Create EC2 instances in your Amazon account, and enter these into the list.
  4. Manually run the Workflows to start and stop the Amazon AWS EC2 instances in the list (note that servers are started/stopped sequentially, this may take several minutes to complete.
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Re: Nintex Workflow Templates - Amazon AWS manage your costs

This is a fantastic idea, full marks to the Product Manager!