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Nintex Workflow Document Generator errors


In my Nintex Form, I have a multi-line rich text field. When I try and use it in a Document Generator, however, I have the following issues: 

  • Bolding and Italics work properly, but underlined text does not 
  • Using bullet points or numbering appears to error out the document generator (For example, this is the error message I most recently got: An error occurred merging data into an input document. (ResourceInvalid) [ErrorId: ba2b612f-56e2-4f89-9167-f88830882f33])
  • Inserting a picture appears to error out the document generator (Again, an error message I received was: A dynamic image (*path to the image I uploaded*) could not be downloaded. (ResourceInvalid) [ErrorId: 7534bae8-3faf-4d44-80b2-f04c45398c59]
  • While you are able to insert a table, when it is added to the document, it appears to lose its formatting as a table (for instance, I had data in rows 1-2 and columns 1-4, and when the document was generated, it had each entry of row 1 as a single text line, then row 2. 

Has anyone had this issue and/or knows how to resolve it? 

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Nintex Workflow Document Generator errors

Did you find a solution for any of these issues?  I'm running into the same issue with bullet points.

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