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Nintex Employee

Nintex Workflow 2019 - Release Notes

Product version: 
Database version:
Release date: 
17th January 2019

SP Service PACK/CU: December 2018

Database: SQL Server 2017

Security Improvements

  • Neutralization of potential vulnerability with Script-Related HTML Tags in a Web Page (Basic XSS) (101250)
  • Neutralization of potential vulnerability with Special Elements used in SQL Command ('SQL Injection') (101250)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Variables set a condition configuration control on site workflows (64244)
  • Fixed issue with setting multiple values in Web Request (39947)
  • Improved performance for My Workflow Tasks Web Part (107505)
  • Fixed issue with NWAdmin Deploy Workflow creating duplicated workflow in item context menu (84133)
  • Fixed issue with Document Generation and Create Item in another site when navigating to site collections with a managed path of Explicit Inclusion (101874)
  • Fixed issue with accessing the Workflow Inventory page when site collection is locked (60810)
  • Fixed issue with Web Request not returning failed responses (88654)
  • Fixed issue with NWAdmin migrateUser when migrating account to another domain (30174)
  • Improved Workflows I've Started Web Part load performance (106418)
  • Fixed issue with Nintex workflow management breadcrumb on Licensing page (94187)
  • Fixed issue with Nintex Workflow Installer where installation continues after closing the installer (107827)

Product version:
Database version:
Release date:
5th December 2018

SP Service PACK/CU: SharePoint 2019 RTM

Database: SQL Server 2017

This first release of Nintex for SharePoint 2019 includes the following features and improvements:

  • New Workflow gallery which replaces Workflow Inventory. Workflows can be created, edited and managed from the gallery. The Nintex workflow options will contain entry points for Workflow history, External start, Schedule site workflows, Reusable workflow templates, User Defined Actions and User preferences.
  • New content database warning, accessible from SharePoint Health Analyzer where a record count is performed across the Nintex databases on a weekly basis to report if tables record count is approaching or exceeded the set threshold
  • New ‘Use send on behalf of this address’ option in Messaging and notification page
  • New User preferences page which is a combined page of Nintex notification preferences and Nintex task delegation.
  • New Nintex Workflow entry points in SharePoint modern user interface
  • New Nintex Customer Experience Improvement Program (NCEIP), created to provide Nintex customers the opportunity to contribute to the design and development of Nintex platform. NCEIP will collect information and workflow statistics to help us understand how our customers use the Nintex platform so we can determine where we should focus future product improvement initiatives. Participation in the program is voluntary where customers can choose to opt in or out at any time during installation and in Nintex Administration.
  • Updated Nintex Administration Purge workflow data
    • Added new query filters: Site Collection URL, Site URL, Database Name
    • Added option to perform purge without having to run a query
    • Added new notification message to indicate purge progress and estimated time completion
    • Added new option to cancel purge while in progress
    • Added support to purge from deleted sites
    • Updated query to allow Or statements to be set
    • Updated Query to return 5000 records and total count of records found will be displayed
    • Updated purging operation to use timer job and to purge in batches
  • Updated NWAdmin PurgeWorkflowData:
    • Added new query parameter: databaseName
    • Updated purging operation to purge in batches
  • Updated Site settings Purge Workflow data:
    • Added option to perform purge without having to run a query
    • Updated query to allow Or statements to be set
  • Updated Messaging and notification to support SMTP authentication
  • Updated Nintex Workflow to support SharePoint Communications site
  • Updated list entry point ribbon position on classic user interface
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