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Nintex Worflows- Lazy approvals in Sharepoint 2013 list - not working

Hi All,

We are using Nintex workflow on SharePoint 2013 on-prem.

I am using Lazy approval for easy approval/reject through email.

I have done all the configuration (incoming emails etc).

Below are the steps I did so far

1) Created SharePoint list.

2) Configured incoming email for Lazy Approval

2) Created Nintex Worflow for the list as below

3) Checked Allow LazyApproval as below

4) On Workflow Settings, I selected to run workflow when item created and updated.

5) Saved and published

6) In SharePoint list, I created new item - it sends workflow notification as below.

7) I replied back as yes ( this is correct outcome phrase I used)

However, my workflow outcome is still showing pending. No error messages.

Not sure, what causing this issue.

Please help.

thanks in adavnce

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Nintex Worflows- Lazy approvals in Sharepoint 2013 list - not working

For any Lazy Approval issues the first thing to test is to make sure that SharePoint can receive emails.
Sure it may be able to send emails but can it receive them.
See the Test Lazy Approval section of the Lazy Approval guide linked below. There you will find how to configure a document library to receive emails and then you can test incoming emails with SharePoint.
Once you have this working Lazy Approval should also work.
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