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Nintex Setup in multi-server environment - what services on which server?

Hi All,
Recently took over SP2016 environment, which is about to go prod, but has been set up before my time...
Nintex Workflow and Forms have been already installed.
I am worried that Nintex has not been configured properly.
The setup is:
2xApp servers - SPAPP1; SPAPP2, 2xWeb Servers - SPWEB1; SPWEB2 and database servers. The App & Web servers are load balanced.
As Seen from CA Solution Management (see attached pics) Nintex modules have been deployed globally.
I see that on one server some services (in connection to Nintex) are stopped and on some are on.
Please see the screenshots of the each server services.
Could someone let me know whether Nintex has been configured properly and all required services are running properly per server.
Do I need to start Nintex services on ALL servers, or there is a dependency on the server role?
Please let me know which services per server should be on?
Let me know if you need more info. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Nintex Setup in multi-server environment - what services on which server?

Usually Nintex workflows are executed on the web servers which is why you should have all Services running there. There might be scenarios in which part of the execution is performed on the app servers but the services won't be needed there.

I see the relay service is disabled on web frontend 1. This service is only needed if you run anonymous public forms by using live forms to collect responses. So if you don't run these you should be fine. Otherwise consider enabling it.

Aditionally I recommend going through the installation best practices described here to ensure your farm is set up properly:


Best regards


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