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Nintex Mobile using a VPN Tunnel

I'm using Nintex Mobile set up by my corporate through a VPN. I am able to log into Nintex Mobile using a corporate account and it is set to connect to my on premise sharepoint site, however no forms or tasks are showing. When I log in the app says it is downloading then says there are no forms found or no tasks.

I have done the following:

  1. created and published a responsive form and a classic form published as for a Nintex mobile phone.
  2. In the Nintex Mobile app, I have deleted the local storage.
  3. I have checked the settings in Nintex Mobile to ensure the sharepoint url is correct.
  4. I have enabled FBA mobile access on the server (I'm not sure if I need to do this).
  5. I have enabled Nintex Live forms (I didn't think I had to do this but did anyway)
  6. Started the Nintex Live Relay service

I'm hoping someone can tell me what I'm missing.


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