Nintex Mobile deep link form ID

I'm building a Microsoft Powerapp which can run offline on IOS and is intended to launch a particular form in Nintex Mobile and pre-populate several fields. However, no matter what nintexmobile://form/?ntx-name URL I construct, I always get the following error:


"requested item was not found"


This seems similar to a previous post which received no replies (see link below). I want to try the ntx-id parameter but this results in same thing and I'm not sure I'm using the right value. Can anyone please point me to where I should look for the Form ID in Nintext for Sharepoint?


It's worth noting that if I enter the same URL (using a ntx-name parameter) into Safari on the iPAd, this correctly launches the form in Nintex Mobile. So I'm guessing it's a problem in Powerapps, something it does to the URL before actioning it. Still I'd like to try the ntx-id if someone can point me in the right direction.



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Re: Nintex Mobile deep link form ID

maybe that's just a typo, but there shouldn't be a slash in front of '?'

as well, note the form name has to be URL encoded.

see syntax - https://help.nintex.com/en-US/o365/#o365/O365Forms/CreatingForms/Mobile-LaunchHyperlink.htm?Highligh...




to get form ID - export it from designer and open it with some plaintext or XML editor. you should be able find the ID node near the very end.



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