Nintex Installation using MinRole

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Can we get some clarification on how Nintex Forms & Workflow should be installed for a SharePoint 2019 Farm using the MinRole functionality.

I see there's some forum posts that go back a few years now, but since then Microsoft has further refined the MinRole Feature and added the hybrid roles (WFE + Dist. Cache & Search +App). This addition has made the MinRole Feature much more attractive for SharePoint Farms and seems to be the new best practice going forward for 2 server farm deployments.

From what I can see the technical documentation mentions that Nintex 2019 Forms + Workflows supports MinRole but the information on this is not comprehensive enough. There's a mention that MinRole is supported but no information on how this should be configured with Nintex


I have a 3 server SharePoint Farm - 2 are using Shared Role - Minrole

1 x SQL DB Server

1 x Front-end with Distributed Cache

1 x Application with Search


My question would be which server on the shared minrole should I be installing Nintex on. My understanding is that Nintex requires the following dependencies - yet the documentation specifically says that these should be deployed on ALL servers in the SharePoint Farm.

1. SharePoint Administration Service

2. SharePoint Timer Service

3. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application

4. Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Workflow Timer Service.

5. Application Pools (SharePoint Site App Pools & Central Admin App Pool)


Minrole has set the SP Foundation Workflow Timer Service to run only on the Search + APP MinRole server.

So my assumption is that we MUST use the Search + App MinRole server as the host server for the Nintex Installation. Apparently (and this confused me to initially) the Search + App MinRole also has the App Pools for SharePoint as certain applications require those Pools so it technically this MinRole has the WFE functionality also.


Can we please have a confirmation that this information is correct? And can we please have the Installation Guides updated to reflect this information as it seems like it doesn't provide quite enough detail on MinRole support - especially as Microsoft is pushing MinRole as the new standard for SharePoint farm deployments.

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Nintex Installation using MinRole

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Hi @lachlanb 


Just responding to this in case you still need further clarification or for the benefit of anyone else.


The Web Front End Role and Application server role are sufficient to run a Nintex Workflow in your farm.


Essentially a farm needs the Sharepoint Web Application and Sharepoint Workflow Timer services to run on 1 or more servers in the farm. If you have multiple servers with a minrole that contains the Web Application service, then these would need to be licensed or excluded from a Network Load Balancer.


If you're also interested in External/Live services and Minroles, then this article may also be of interest to you:





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