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Nintex Hide Validation

Hi all, I need EMERGENCY help here !!! 

The problem I faced: When I select choice of "Student", then I type in my student ID field , between the Teacher ID field is hide already . Then when I click save button ,but it still come out with error that say "Type in 'Teacher ID".   Anyone know how to solve the problem?

Below attached photo(Diagram1) is my e-form.

                     Diagram 1


When select the choice of "Teacher" then it will show the teacher ID's field and the student ID's field will be hide.

When select the choice of "Student" then it will show the student ID's field and the teacher ID's field will be hide.


Teacher ID field and Student ID field are mandatory field(cannot be empty).

 Now, I add the rule(Hide If Not Teacher) like below attached Diagram 2 and it success come out like Diagram 3.

 Then, I add another the rule(Hide If Not Student) like below attached Diagram 4 and it success come out like Diagram 5.

Then, I add validation(mandatory field) control to the Teacher field and Student field (Diagram 6 & Diagram 7).


                  Diagram 2                                                            Diagram 3


             Diagram 4                                                            Diagram 5

Diagram 6

Diagram 6

Diagram 7 

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Re: Nintex Hide Validation

On Diagram 5, don't use that validation

Delete it and create a new rule ( validation ) based on the field's values

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Re: Nintex Hide Validation

On the field settings required "Yes" should not be used when the field is required based on other controls value in the form, instead take advantage of validation rules.

For your situation this validation rule on teacher ID field would work 

also i noticed that you are using checkboxes on the form for choice, so is there a chance to select both ? if yes then Choice==" " may not be right thing to use, you have to switch to contains(Choice, "Teacher) clause instead.

I hope this helps.

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Re: Nintex Hide Validation


I want to add a new validation rule on the people picker control. What code should I use to make it possible for a student to fill out the people picker in the panel, when it's not hidden?






Nintex for SharePoint FAQ

How to restrict the People Picker Control on mobile apps for SharePoint proessays

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