Nintex Handbuch

Is there a chance to download (or buy) a Nintex for Sharepoint (concrete the on premise version, if that's important)
handbook? Preferably in german?

I would like to set up and use workflows and am currently rather overwhelmed.

Best regards


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Re: Nintex Handbuch

Hi Christiane,

I'm not aware of a book in German, but Eric Harris‌ has a book called From Zero to 60 with Nintex that is extremely helpful.

Another great place to start since you're a Nintex customer is the Nintex Customer Learning Central online site. There are training courses there that should be a big help.

Also, here's a good thread on getting started: I am brand new to Sharepoint, Nintex Forms and Nintex Workflow. I have found books on everything but...

Hang in there -- you'll get the hang of it as you spend more time with the Nintex applications. The community here is a great resource and very helpful, so don't hesitate ask questions and explore.

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Re: Nintex Handbuch

I was about to suggest using google translate to translate the Nintex Workflow help pages at https://help.nintex.com/en-US/nintex2013/help/

But it returns an 404 Not Found error - perhaps Nintex forbids access like this?

You could try searching for

nintex user guide

and see if Googles drop-down option 'Translate Page' works?

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