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Nintex Forms for O365 - Reset Choice Control w/o JavaScript

My company decided to migrate from InfoPath to Nintex Forms for Office 365 due to the former being discontinued.

I am currently working on a new form in Nintex Forms for Office 365. It is my first, so I am still getting to grips with the functionalities. So go easy on me if my question has a straightforward answer:)

The form is a Responsive Form, so I cannot use JavaScript for this.

So, my setup is this. I have a SharePoint List Lookup component which fetches some values from a SharePoint list and lets the user select one of the options.

Based on the option the user selects in the List Lookup, a Choice Control is either set to Visible or remains hidden. Below, I have chosen Compensations in the List Lookup for which the Choice Control should be set to Visible. For other choices it will remain invisble to the user.

SharePoint List Lookup

SharePoint List Lookup

SharePoint List Lookup and affected Choice Control

Based on the option the user selects, the marked Choice Control is set to Visible og Invisible

Now, suppose the user selects Compensations and then sets MyChoice to Yes. He/She changes his mind and selects another option in the SharePoint List Lookup. It does not matter whether MyChoice should be visible or not for the newly chosen option.

In both cases I would like to reset the MyChoice Choice Control such that neither Yes nor No is chosen when the option in the List Lookup changes.

For Textboxes I have the option to create a rule and use Set Value, but this does not seem to be possible with a Choice Control.

I have seen a lot of posts suggesting to use JavaScript functions for this functionality. But since this is not available, is it possible to acchieve this in another way without using JavaScript?

Thanks in advance.