Nintex Forms for Content Type "Schedule and Reservations" not possible after update

Hello everyone,


we recently updated our SharePoint 2016 on-premise Farm from:

CU Update: August 2018 to June 2020

Nintex Workflow: to

Nintex Forms: to


Since this updgrade, we can't edit any forms using the content type "Schedule and Reservations". Before the upgrade, this was possible.

" Error - Cannot use Nintex Forms for content type : Schedule and Reservations"


What we checked:

- The content type setting "Read only" is set to "No" in our CT-Hub and has not be changed.

- In the sites, where the content type is used, we changed the settings from "Yes" to "No".

  - unfortunately this makes no difference.


Forms of Calenders, using the content type "Event" can be edited as normal.

Do you know what causes this issue?

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Nintex Forms for Content Type "Schedule and Reservations" not possible after update

Please check the following article:


If you are using any of these list templates, you will notice that the Nintex Forms button is greyed out.  This is due to how the list template is generated in SharePoint and these are not supported by Nintex Forms.


Designing custom list forms for the following is not supported:


  • Nintex Workflow content types
  • Document Sets
  • Blog Post
  • Blog Comment
  • Discussion List
  • Survey
  • InfoPath Form Library
  • SlideShow
  • Event (not calendar event) Content-Type (designer still enabled)
  • Reservations (designer still enabled)
  • Schedule (designer still enabled)
  • Custom List Templates


What List Template Types are supported in Nintex Forms?

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