Nintex Forms Web Request action

Hi All, hoping some can help me.

I'm trying to get a count of open tasks in the Workflow tasks list to display on a form. Why because users want to log on to the landing page and see a big number of open tasks belonging to them instead of their list of open tasks. it will form part of a dashboard along with some other important information and graphs. 


After trying a few different things I've decided to try the Web Request action in Nintex forms, my problem is that I can't seem to get the count XPath function to work, and have no idea what I'm doing wrong, I get results with XPath "//m:Properties/d:Title". I've seen in places that people add a select query in the service URL but no idea how to construct this and using count() in the XPath for display field returns nothing. What am I doing wrong??


When I do get the count function to work I need to have 2 filters, since this is a task list I need to see items Where assigned to = CurrentUser AND Status =NotStarted



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