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Nintex Forms - Lots of forms XML in memory


One of our client's use both Nintex Workflow and Nintex Forms. They created a lot of forms and workflows. After a few months the Front-end servers (the farm has 2 FE and 2 APP servers) run out of memory multiple times a day. The operation team update the memory so now each FE has 24 Gb memory and it can solve the problem and the IIS not restart in the middle of the day.

We got this issue. The system has some custom SharePoint components so we analyse these but it looks good. We didn't find any clue about typical SharePoint memory leaks (dispose objects ...etc.). After that we got a memory dump and we start to analyse what is the most memory consuming thing. We figured out there are a lot of strings in the memory (13 Gb) and we try to extract to files to find out what the contents of the strings. After we extracted the memory dump's strings we found 7Gb - 23 000 Nintex Forms XML strings. Every evening have an IIS recycle so we don't know how this happens.

Someone have any idea what could be the problem?


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Re: Nintex Forms - Lots of forms XML in memory

Does it also happen on your dev server, I suggest your to make a stress test on another server.