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Nintex Form cannot load if the List has unique permissions

Hi Comminity,

we have OnPremis SharePoint Server 2019.


Create a List with unique permissions and create a Nintex Form.

I try it:

I create a List -> OK

On the list changed the permission to unique permission -> OK

Add a test user directly with contribute to test the unique permission -> OK User can see the List, open the standard form, create an item, edit an item -> perfect

Create a Nintex Form -> OK

Test with User -> Not working


The test user cannot open the Nintex Form.

Error: Sorry, this site hasn't been shared with you.

If I delete the Nintex Form the test user can open the standard form and can add an item.

If I add the Test user on the site collection into gear wheel menu -> Site Settings -> Site Permission with any permission the Nintex Form works on the list with unique permission.


How can I config My list with unique permisssion and Nintex Form working?

Maybe the Nintex form files are saved outside the list and the user need to have permission to a special libtrary too?

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