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Nintex Form Web Part Access to Multiple List

Hi Community,

I have designed multiple forms for the organization I work for and now we need to create a dashboard like system where end users will be able to see all the Forms they have submitted to see the progress of them as well as if they need to do edit or changes to that Form they can submit the updated data after it has been rejected due to not the correct data.

We want them to be able to use the Form Web Part to do this but everything i have seen is you have to connect the Form Web Part to a List View to be able to dynamically have it populate a Form in edit mode.  I'm wondering if there is a way to be able to use the Form Web part and have it dynamically know what List and Item ID from (a) one giant list that is combined list of all the Forms (b) settings to allow for dynamic pulling of the Forms (c) some way through Lazy Approval or the Workflow itself to let a user update data they need to or (d) be able to feed the list and item id from a link out of an email that takes them to a page with a Form Web Part that we can dynamically inject the list and id into?



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Re: Nintex Form Web Part Access to Multiple List

Take a look at this >>> Nintex Workflow Web Parts - Nintex Knowledge Base 

I think in your case you need the "MyWorkflows" web part

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