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Nintex Form Validation Issue '=='Yes'&&isNullOrEmpty({Self})'

For the last I have been working on a validation formula that was working and for some aparent reason it stopped working. IF () is 'Yes' then I need several fields required, otherwise the fields do not need to be required. I created a panel and added the fields that are / are not required in the panel. I have pulled Grandfathering from named controls, should it instead come from Item Properties? I have been using this: but something isn't working now. It was, and now it is not.


Here is the validation rule I have been using:

Grandfathering =='Yes'&&isNullOrEmpty({Self})

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Nintex Employee
Nintex Employee

Re: Nintex Form Validation Issue '=='Yes'&&isNullOrEmpty({Self})'

Your rule looks correct to me.
I would use and(equals(Grandfathering,"Yes"),isNullOrEmpty({Self})) but either should work.
If it was working and is now not look at the other rules and calculated value controls on the form as a bad syntax formula may be breaking all the other rules. If its still not working change browsers and test again. Cleaing the browser cache can also help.

Using the Named control or the item property is dependent on what it is you want to acheive.
Using the named control in new mode means the rule is dependant on the users input.
Using the item property in new mode means nothing will really happen as the column (item property) will always be blank.
In edit mode the item property may be needed if the column is changed by another source such as a workflow but this will still work for the named control as well.
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