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Nintex - Create Exchange Online Event Time issue

Hi again

Just found another issue with a leave solution I am trying to fix.

Basically I have a SharePoint list (SharePoint Online) it has a start time field (date/time field) and a End time (date/time field). The date/time fields are set to show date and time in my SharePoint list.

Using Nintex 365 and using the action "Create Exchange Online calendar item" I have configured it to use the list item current start date/time and end date/time fields of the list. Now when I fill the list item in SharePoint I set the time to: 18th Start at 6am and 22nd end 5pm. The workflow runs fine and creates the calendar entry. However this is where it get strange.

The times in my outlook calendar are set wrong?. The time in calendar entry are 17th start and 22nd end?. The start time is 1 day before the time I selected in SharePoint??!!?? and to add to this the time is actually wrong, not the time I set in the list item????. The time in my outlook calendar is start: 7:30pm and End 6:30am???

I have checked ALL settings, especially regional settings, office365 regional settings, exchange settings, list settings, outlook calendar options for date/time. I have even set my outlook to work hours to match the times I tested and it still gets created wrong????. My timezone and region is correct in all places.

I am at a loss here to what could be causing the times in outlook to be created wrong?. I believe is has to do with the action some how but not sure? any pointers?


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Re: Nintex - Create Exchange Online Event Time issue

I am running into the same issue. Chad Taylor‌ were you able to find a solution?

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