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I have created a couple of forms and trying to put them into Nintex App Studio. When I save and build it builds the Android App, doesn't on the Apple as i haven't got an Apple Developer license setup yet. 


The windows app states that it Failed, There doesn't seem to be any informationon why it failed. Do there need to be specific forms? Classic or responsive? I have not been able to find any information on what forms can be deployed to Nintex App Studio.

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Re: Nintex App Studio - Windows App

Within App Studio release notes are here -


Regarding what forms can be published, any Nintex Form can be published to the mobile app as long as the form was selected for mobile browsing. Since this is posted in Nintex for SharePoint, you would have to use the mobile template and then publish both the desktop and mobile form versions for the form to render within the app.

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