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Nintex 2010 workflow edit mode screen freeze

I am New to Nintex workflow and creating a workflow in Nintex 2010 for the very first time. The scorll bar in edit mode isint activated even if the length of my workflow exceeds the screen size. This problem only pertains in edit mode of Nintex 2010 WF

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Re: Nintex 2010 workflow edit mode screen freeze

Hi Anas, 

Can you confirm which browser you are using to view the workflow? Since you are using SharePoint 2010, and can possibly be using the default master page, there is a <meta> tag that will make you use IE8 compatibility mode. 

Just as a test, open the browser up, click F12 to open Developer Tools, then click on DOM Explorer. You should see an area where you can change the browser version: 

If the icon by the laptop/phone shows IE8 Compatibility, click on the drop down and change to IE10. I'm curious if the same issue appears.

Thank you,


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