Nintex 2010 today's date format change to date only


I build a workflow sends reminders 90, 30 ,10 and 1 day before the submission date.

I calculated all dates and store them in variables, I also created variable "today" which autopopulates today date. In the menu i cannot change date time format into date only so i created fields on sharepoint that are date type only and am putting there all variables including today's date. Then i am compatring those fields with today's date.

Unfortunately my conditions are not met because Today's date is with Date time format. Interesting is that i can see it as a datem but when exporting to excel and selecting cell i can see in formula bar that there is additionally time :/.

Another interesting information is that if i am running workflow from list item it is working but if workflow is started once item is modified it is not working.


Any idea how to fixed it? I tied multiple solution in infopath and nintex but nothing works.


Thank you


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Nintex How-To Center Expert

Re: Nintex 2010 today's date format change to date only

When selecting Date Only in SharePoint column configuration this is just a display option.
The time is still recorded or at least defaulted to 12 o'clock or similar.
You could run your variable through a build string with a format date inline function that formats the variable to date only and then compare it.
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