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Newbie: Add a Link to the Document Folder

How do I add a clear description of the context item's location into a task notification?


I am a Nintex newborn and have 0 background in IT. Apparently, since I know enough to try "turning it off and on" before calling IT, I have been voted the office IT genius in charge of creating workflows. I had never heard of SharePoint or Nintext until last month, it's been interesting.


I have successfully fumbled through creating a functional workflow for a document approval process - (thank you State Machine and youtube tutorials) but I am stumped with some of the fine tuning I want within the notifications that are being sent out.


Attempting to make a long explanation short - I have a site that contains sub-sites for 18 departments. They all submit various reports within their specific sites. I am using a template workflow that will send the reports through the approval process which I will import into each department site. 


Since the reports can be added to any of the 6 folders within each of the 18 sites, I want to notification to the approver to show not just the name of the document but also the location of the document and a link to the actual folder. I tried setting variables for the Item URL and the Context Item URL which do supply the information, but it isn't going to make any sense to the person assigned to approve these reports (they know even less about IT than I do) and the links open the document, not the folder.


The answers I've seen for this are all written for someone who knows what "parsing" means so I'm stumped. I suspect I'll need to use a variable that pulls from the Item URL to get the folder path, I just don't know what to do from there.


Any help would be greatly appreciated - the view of the workflow is attached, so proud of my first 'baby'.

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