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Need help and advice with a form template

I am trying to discover a method by which to override the default Nintex styling for the form controls and fields in a list that are automatically populated on creating a new form, or resetting an old one.

While using a custom template and uploading it into central admin does allow me to change the banner, new forms still populate with blank (non-styled or nintex-styled controls) beneath the custom styling, as seen below. (My current template is really only useful with the 'format painter' tool)

Custom Form Template

Despite extensive web research, I've been unable to find a way where the list fields or controls automatically take the custom  css classes or design by default. (I thought that I could style an example of each field/control type on the template for instance, and then new forms would generate with their various fields based on the template example. It didn't work obviously.)

Currently, I need to manually style (or provide a class to) each control to suit the company brand. This is understandably time consuming.

I understand that it may not be possible within Nintex limitations to achieve the full extent of what I want (for instance- it would be necessary to manually specify the different 'header' label classes within the appropriate labels). But I would like to automate things better than the current setup. For instance- how do I get the controls to automatically generate within a custom styled panel, instead of the custom styling (as seen in the example)? This alone would be a major step forward in my template actually becoming useful.

Any advice would be appreciated. I have already read the main 'Nintex form template' tutorials available on the net.

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Re: Need help and advice with a form template

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