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I hope I have posted this in the correct section.


I am trying to get a submit button validation rult ot check if multiple OR conditions have been met AND a people picker called "Tech Manager" is empty.


The goal is to make sure a name is populated when the conditions above are true. The people pickers "Tech Manager" is only one people picker amon 8 that each appear under different formatting rules.


I tried:

or(contains(BProjectCategory,"Project A"),or(contains(BProjectCategory,"ProjectB"),or(contains(BProjectCategory,"ProjectC"),and(Tech Manager Name==""))))

I want to make sure the people picker for "Tech Manager Name(named control) is not empty.


Using the above rule, the rule firses but when I doenter a name inot the people picker, the Submit action fails to fire (nothing happens on button click).


Thanks in advance


Nintex Forms for SharePoint 2013 Enterprise

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Re: Multiple conditions with people picker check

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I opened this thread by mistake, not remebering I had asked the same question in  aprevious thread in a different way. here is the solution:


My panel is hidden using this rule:



(When the ProjectCategory is not one of the three values AND RiskBox is Low, it shows.


On the poepl picker control I added a new validation rule and used the code below. I had to repeat th conditions as I don't have another control that becomes true/false when the panel is unhidden.



or(contains(BProjectCategory,"Core Research Project"),or(contains(BProjectCategory,"Internal Capability Funding"),or(contains(BProjectCategory,"HVM Catapult Funding")))) && isNullOrEmpty({Self})

This is now working.