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Multi Select not working on Lookup field with conditional filter

I am having an issue with using the Multi Select display format on a Lookup field.  Here is the scenario:


  • Lookup field "Business Area" references a list titled "Business Profiles" that includes a list of Business Areas and the associated Segment.
  • In the Nintex form, I have a Choice field "Segment" that includes the same Segments as the Business Profiles list.
  • In the Nintex form, the control for "Business Area" is set to filter based on Segment.  And the Display format is set to "Multi Select".

In the form, if I select a Segment, it appropriately limits the Business Area options to that segment.  But when I select all of the Business Area options and move them over, it will only save the first option selected, not all of them.  But if I go back into the form, it will let me move a few over at a time.  Sometimes if I select multiple, it will save them, but sometimes it won't.  And it will never save all of the options for that segment.  There are a lot of options, so I would prefer not to use the Checkboxes or List format.


Any suggestions for why this isn't working or how I can fix?  Thanks!



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