Move item from one list to another (archive) - automatically

Hi everyone 🙂

I'm new in Nintex for Sharepoint 2016. I used to worked before with the O365 and Flows, and what i find already is that Nintex is unfortunately almost completely different in ways it works 😞

I already go through lot of similar posts here that says about moving items but i still can't achieve what i needed.


I have a list with planned trainings, and a calculated column which says me whether the current date pass the planned one. I managed to create copy and delete workflow by using item label that starts it (and it works just fine) - but i'd like that the workflow lunch automatically (without need to click anything - like in the midnight or any other specific time of a day), and move current items that fit the condition to other list. Nither maybe is there some other clever way to achive the result?


Thanks for any help in advance 🙂

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Re: Move item from one list to another (archive) - automatically

so you have to schedule workflow to run at specific times automatically.

however, it's only (directly) possible to schedule site workflows, not list ones.


within site workflow you should implement logic that identifies which items are ready to be archived.

once you have identified items, then you can decide

- either you can (re)implement moving/archiving logic into site workflow as well

- or to utilize the work you already done, you could start list workflow on given list items from site workflow.



following blog might be good reference to start