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More Conditions in Choice for Nintex forms

I have one forms and i need hide one choice for group, i'm use this following condition:

fn-Not(fn-IsMemberOfGroup("name of group"))

But i need use a condition "fn-or" for more group. But always have returns True, even if the user is not in the group. follows the condition used:

fn-Or(fn-Not(fn-IsMemberOfGroup("name of group")),fn-Not(fn-IsMemberOfGroup("name of group")))

I would like to know which error of the condition used above.

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Re: More Conditions in Choice for Nintex forms

you formula evaluates to FALSE only if the user is member of both groups.

if you want to hide choice control if the user appears in either of the groups then use fn-And() instead of fn-Or()

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