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Mobile form Default date to current+2

How do I set the default date on a mobile form to be two days from the current date? 


I have set the sharepoint column (the connected field) default value to be =[Today]+2.

 which works perfectly on the desktop form. On mobile it just defaults to today, given that I'm connecting to the exact same column in SharePoint. 


why is this happenning and how can I fix the mobile field?

I'm using Nintex Classic forms on SP/Nintex on premise 2013



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Re: Mobile form Default date to current+2


As you have found the Nintex Mobile app will only pick up the column type and maybe a few other attributes for instance in this case the control will only show the date only. It may even default the date to today but it will not do the calculation.

The only way that I could see the mobile app doing the calculation was to use a calculated value control with the formula dateAddDays(Current Date,2). The problem here is that the calculated value control will not connect to a date column in SharePoint.
Another option would be to capture todays date and then let a workflow adjust the date by two days after the item is submitted.
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