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Mobile Apps - Design your form with Nintex Forms

Nintex Mobile apps provide access to SharePoint forms designed with Nintex Forms. The experience of designing a form for mobile devices using Nintex Forms remains the same: quick, easy and completely visual. Leverage your experience on Nintex Forms and extend access to your new or existing forms to mobile devices by publishing the form for either Nintex Mobile Phone or Nintex Mobile Tablet.


Nintex Forms offers two options for making forms available on mobile devices:

  • HTML forms for generic smartphones. These forms are published in HTML format and require an active connection to your SharePoint portal for accessibility from a mobile device, using the mobile web browser. Select this option if you are uncertain about the mobile device your users will use to access the form.
  • Nintex Mobile Phone or Tablet. These forms are published in a native format to the mobile device selected and can be accessed offline, once the form definition has been downloaded on your mobile device. This happens automatically the first time you open the form on your mobile device. Select this option if:
    1. You want to publish multiple mobile forms and have your users access them from one single point, the Nintex Mobile app, or;
    2. You want to allow users to fill in forms offline and attach files and images directly from the app.

In addition, if your forms extend a business process with a Nintex workflow, any action triggered by the workflow will be visible as a task for the expected assignees in Nintex Mobile.

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Re: Mobile Apps - Design your form with Nintex Forms

I have some questions regarding the Mobile App:

- Does it support cookies? I use cookies for saving and retrieving default values for fields, to initialize to the value that was entered by user the last time the form was used.

- I have an extensive use of Javascript, and I have my script functions in external files (Custom Java Script includes). What happens when the user is offline and wants to use the form? Are the custom Java Script includes packaged in some way, and deployed with the form, or will this generate an error?


Leif Frederiksen