Mandatory based on choice selection



I would like to make a field mandatory, but only when a certain selection is made within another field (a choice drop down). i.e. if the choice drop down states "X to Y", it prompts a person field to become mandatory. 


Hope that makes sense and is a simple rule. 


Thanks, Andy. 

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Re: Mandatory based on choice selection

Which forms designer are you using? You can use a rule to accomplish this in either the Responsive or Classic designer.


Follow these steps in the Responsive designer:

  1. Add a rule to the person field.
  2. Configure the rule with these options:
    1. Rule Name = Require Person Field (or whatever you would like).
    2. When = and(equals(Department,"IT"),isNullOrEmpty(Employee))
      • Department is the choice field.
      • Employee is the person field.
    3. Then = Invalidate
    4. Validation Message = Please enter an Employee (or whatever you would like).

Let me know if you would like me to provide this configuration for a Classic form.


NF 2013 - Repsonsive - Validation Rule.png