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Managing workflow history lists

The folders in the manage workflow history list folders are filling up fast and causing performance issues. We are manually deleting the items which is very time-consuming. I have read about using the disabled option and set each folder to disabled. Somehow this option has been set back to enabled (I am not sure if this is a system thing).


We do not need the history so is there a way to stop these lists being created? How do you manage workflow history lists?



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Re: Managing workflow history lists

The creation of workflow history lists can not be disabled as it is also incorporated by the workflows itself to create the workflow details screen. 

There are a few best practices like having separate workflow history lists for intense and often running workflows. 

A nice source of Information is this: https://community.nintex.com/t5/Community-Blogs/Demystifying-Workflow-History-Part-1/ba-p/78139


Besides of this you can also read about best practices and ways to clean up the history lists here:




Hope this helps.

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