Manage User rights in Workflow



I'm trying to create a workflow for approval of "Time off" requests. Actually it is already working.

The Problem is, this is sensitive data wich nobody should be able to read.

Except for the initiator of the request, his supervisor and accounting.

So i tried the optin in the list properties and configured it in the way, that only the owner of an element can read it. But then the approval in the workflow does not work anymore, because the supervisor is not able to open the element anymore.

Then i tried to use the workflowfunctions:

1. In the approval task itself i changed the user rights to full access for the supervisor

2. I used an extra "set element permission" and gave both persons full access to the element while i chose "delete all rights" before


Both options did not seem to have any influence.


Does anybody have an idea how i can manage to have a list in which only the initiator and a person (lookup from AD) can see an element of this list?

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Re: Manage User rights in Workflow

I think you should publish workflow using a functional or service user account who is the owner of the site. Go for the item level permission. And give the action item the admin privilege. So when you remove the permission for all users the site owner will have the permission to set the permission for the item.
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