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Loop function workflow - advise required



I am in process of creating a workflow with a Loop Function, of which I do not have much experience with. The loop will run through until the condition is met and then continues with the final step... at each time, it checks the status and then moves to the next branch.

Each branch is technically the same process (not sure how to optimise it better) it just repeats the steps per status. In a nutshell, it sends an email to user, stores the current date + 1 into a variable and then waits until the variable is complete, then it goes back to the loop...  



The Scope

To notify the user when items have been booked in.

To remind the user about the items every 2 days.

To escalate the case to the manager after 5 days.


Also, as soon as the request is edited/updated then the loop should re-start imidiately and go via the relevant branch.



Is it possible to restart the loop on the current running workflow?
How to optimise the above for better outcome .... 




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Re: Loop function workflow - advise required



There is no options to restart the loop on the current running workflow.


Can you please share the brief requirement to establish this for better outcome. 


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