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Looking up a column in the Workflow Tasks list


I have a workflow based on a particular list.  The Assign Flexi task email option has been turned off and a link to the Nintex Workflows Task list is send to the approvers.  The task is assigned to a group of users and in order to identify the individual approver, the approver types in their names in the Nintex Task form.  The outcome and the name of the approver, are added to the original list.  I need to have the name of the approver and a number of other fields to be added to the Workflow Tasks list as this is where the approvers action their tasks and view what tasks have been assigned to them.  I have tried to create lookup fields in the Workflows Task list but that didn't work.  I have also tried to assign the name of the approver (which is entered manually into the Task form) to the Workflow Tasks list but nothing is working.

Thanks again for all your help.  I find this forum invaluable as there is no-one I can bounce ideas off in the office.

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