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List Lookup Value not displaying on form after Submission

I have a List Lookup control on my form, that populates with data from the list.  Everything works fine on 'New' mode.  Projects are visible in Drop down, one can be selected.  The data is saved and visible on the list view. 

Issue occurs when user goes back into form.  The selected project is not displaying in the List Lookup - Drop Down control.  Values are still stored in the list view, but the control on the form is not displaying the values.

When a new request is being entered, the Project ID field is populated.

User selects & Submits - form is showing saved value (3rd column is not Project Description, it is Title of Request)

When any user goes back into form, the drop down is not showing the selected project, even though the values are stored in the list view properly.

Below screen shots are the List Lookup Control setup configurations.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as users are being forced to re-select the project every time they go back into the request.

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