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Known issue and resolution - display names in Nintex Forms 2013 broken

Some customers wrote to us recently stating that after upgrading Nintex Forms 2013 and SharePoint 2013, they began having issues with display names.  The SharePoint Cumulative Update (CU) installed was the July 2014 release and the behaviour was around display name formatting being compromised when commas were used. An example is below:

July CU display name issue.png

It has since been discovered that the September CU for SharePoint 2013 addresses the issue and this is confirmed by our Testing and QA teams.  A screenshot of the same display name is below, showing the corrected formatting after installation of the September 2013 CU:

Forms issue Sep CU.png

Please note: the issue affects SharePoint, not only Nintex Forms, and Nintex cannot issue a fix independently.

The SharePoint 2013 September CU notes lists the behaviour, acknowledging the fix here:

"Consider the following scenario:

* You create a SharePoint 2013 list that contains a Person or Group (people picker) column.
* You create or edit an item, and then you select a person whose name contains a comma in the Person or Group field.

In this scenario, the value of the Person or Group field is lost when you save the item."