Keep Workflow Running After Error



I want the Convert Document action to keep running if it errors. I am collecting the error results but it still fails to continue when an error occurs. The error that I am expecting is a "Failed to run" error.


Is there a way for the workflow to continue after a Failed To Run error occurs?

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Re: Keep Workflow Running After Error

May I suggest checking your ULS logs to figure out why its failing in the first place. I get catching the errors, but if its failing thats something else to look into. Maybe turn on verbose logging on the workflow to capture more details.

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Re: Keep Workflow Running After Error

I agree with Eric.  If it fails after you are enabling the error handling, it means that its not getting a response from the server to see if it is an error or not. If error handling is switched on and it receives and error back, the workflow will continue. 


I have noticed in the past that the Document Conversion action takes very long and for a while I also experienced errors in the convertion step.  It almost seems like the Office Web Application stops responding and the task times out. 


Try to determine why the word convertion service is failing first.