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Javascript - Programmatically Click Save Button

I am trying to perform custom validation on a form using javascript and then programmatically clicking a Save and Submit button following validation. I followed the example in the community by found here Custom Validation .  However, when I programatically click the button the form will not submit (it does flash and return).

Here is the line that performs the click:   NWF$(".nf-disableonsubmit[value="+buttonName+"]").click();   

I know the click is working, because I put text in the confirmation message property of the button, and I get the alert.  Physically clicking the button causes the form to submit correctly.

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Re: Javascript - Programmatically Click Save Button

custom validation implemented by that blog, and confirmation message both applies before OOTB validation.

so it looks like OOTB validation doesn't pass through correctly.

is the form ready/valid to submit? do all the controls fit to validation rules and control's validations?

don't you get any error from validation either directly on screen or on developer console?

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