Items Equal But Not Equal To Each Other



I am having an issue with the Create Item In Another Site action, but I've had this issue with other actions before. I am trying to copy a file from one location to another, and the file name is based on a drop down field from an InfoPath form. The InfoPath form contains a drop down with a list of possible file names. The file extension is not specified in the dropdown, but it is always a word document (.docx).


The issue I am having is that when I use a variable in the action query, the action always fails saying "The workflow could not create the list item because the file name is either missing or invalid."

When I type in the file name, it works perfectly as demonstrated in the working picture below.


The configuration for the broken widget is below:



The configuration for the working widget is below. The only thing that changes is the value in the query.



This is a list workflow and it is the only action in the workflow. It starts when a new item is created in the list (the InfoPath form described above).


I know the values are equal to each other because I've emailed myself the values of the variable before the Create Item In Another Site action runs, and it is correct.


Things I've Tried:

 - Using the Set A Variable action to save the InfoPath Document To Revise value as a workflow variable, that failed. The Workflow variable was a Single Line Of Text.

 - Using the Build String action, adding the InfoPath form value and putting .docx also in the build string, that failed.

 - Using the Query XML action to get the value from the InfoPath form, that failed.


Other Details

 - Running this on SharePoint 2016

 - Using the most recent version of Nintex (this issue was occuring before and after the update).

 - On Premise installation of SharePoint and Nintex.


Could this be a Nintex Development issue?

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Re: Items Equal But Not Equal To Each Other

make sure sure do not have an extra character in a filename that you store in the vartiable. eg. space or an unprintable characters are hard to spot.



what's the reason you get Name value to update with over a lookup search?

if you filter by Name field and return just the same Name field value, it at the has to return filter value, if it matches an item is source list - so in your case the filename.

you could directly configure it as 'Value' to update with.

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