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Issues With Run-if action in a site workflow

Hello All,

I have created a site workflow thats copies the data to FileNet based on some conditions. I am having trouble with Run-if condition statements.


1. Calculating the date condiiton(Retention policy = 4 years)

2. Querying list - Collecting all the ID's that are satisfying the conditions and storing it in collection variable

3. For each loop -  storing the ID's output in List Item id variablefor each.PNG4. Query list - filtering the items based on above id(store result in) and getting all the properties of the item and storing them in a variable.



5. Now using a switch and multiple run-if's below it(each run if is for a different VarRSC output so it can map to appropriate FileNet class)


Made many possible changes to the above condition and tested all throws the same below error

when i schedule it


And when i am disabling the run-if and using a email notification to test the workflow everything is working fine.



Need help with this.



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Re: Issues With Run-if action in a site workflow

1. you do not need to query the list twice. you can query all the data, ID + details, within single query list action


2. what's datatype of varRSC variable (resp. datatype of all of the variables you store query result sets to)?

I'd assume your query returns multiple items, so they should have been collection variables.

if they are collections, them you cannot directly compare collection variable to a scalar value. you have to first pick a single element from collection and then compare that element to a scalar value.


3.what action does it exactly fail on?


4. are there any further details (exact error message) in workflow history log?

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