Issue with Reusable template and Request Data action

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with a reusable workflow template which I'm hoping someone has seen before.

The issue is that when using the workflow template which has a gather data task, it uses the default edit form from the tasks list instead of the Nintex gather data form.

I have created a simple list workflow with a gather data action and write to history to test this.

workflow snippet

When running the List workflow it behaves as expected, the custom edit form is shown.

List workflow edit task form

However when the same task is run from the reusable workflow template version of the workflow it shows the following:

Reusable edit form

The difference appears to be that when the list workflow task is accessed, the editform.aspx page redirects to /text/test.aspx (test is the content type name).

When using the reusable template it doesn't redirect to the custom form.

I have reviewed the site using SharePoint designer and at the root site collection within the WorkflowTasks list there is a folder for the Test content type containing the form test.aspx.

There is not a folder for the content type used by the reusable workflow template.

Any help here would be appreciated.

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Re: Issue with Reusable template and Request Data action

I know this was posted some time ago, but were you able to resolve the issue?  I'm seeing the same behavior.



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