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Issue with Nintex rule for validation

Hi All,

I am working on Nintex form where I need to disable/Enable few controls depending on few controls value.

I am using external javascript file to validate the current scenario and assigning  value to flag as shown below.


I am using above flag value to hide/disable the controls on the form. 

Flag value is getting set after the  form gets loaded.  

When I use Nintex runtime functions, it does not work consistently.

Has anybody fixed such issues? Please help.



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Automation Master

Re: Issue with Nintex rule for validation

I use Nintex Rules on forms all the time and show hide controls or entire panels of controls realtime without any issue. And I usually don't have to use JavaScript to do so, but I have also used it. 

Can you share what didn't work while using a Rule before we look at the JavaScript?