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How to use referenced WebRequest in Repeating Section?

Hi I have a problem:

I've got a form with lookup control and repeating section under this lookup.

In repeating section I've got singletext control (named partnumber) and webrequest dropdown control (named vendor).

When I define WebRequest with parameter entered by me (http://weburl?pn=xyz) everything works fine.

But when I replace xyz string with singletext control reference (http://weburl?pn=partnumber) it stops working and also I can see "loading" in lookup control above repeating section.
What is more, whe I drag fields from repeating section directly on the form it works fine.
I read somewhere that it might be javascript error but it's hard for me to trace it.

Can you think of any other way I could manage to get data from webservice to put on a form in repeating section or help me correct this problem?

Best Regards Mariusz

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