How to trigger SQL contol write with button

I need to write to the SQL database, ideally using the button control, this task is not as easy as I had first thought. I have built a few SQL controls that read the database , this works fine

I first tried to link the button with the SQL control, only to. find that I need Javascript. Im thinking now that I need to have a workflow and link this with the button. I'm looking for a simple / secure way to write to the SQL database. My form has

1. a single line textbox contol, that provides the partial name (input)  for my SQL query

2. I use the input value above to build my SQL control query to return some values from the database

and then make a selection from the items displayed (dropdown box).

3. I want to use the returned value from above in a SQL write using a "button type control" to execute the database write.


Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Re: How to trigger SQL contol write with button

Link  button to trigger the workflow is probably the best way.

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