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How to set reminder based on two conditions

Hello All, I am new to Nintex and am hoping to get this resolved soon so I can complete my workflows. This part has me hung up.


In my workflow there are several needed approvals. Since I need two approvals before the workflow moves to a final approval, I am using a STATE MACHINE. Approval 1 & Approval 2, THEN Final Approval.


However one of my fields, Turn Around Time, is a Choice (Standard / Expedieted). If the user chooses Standard, the turn around time is 7 Business days and if the turn around time is Expedieted then the turn around time is 24 to 48 business hours. I have 'Set A Condition' and looking at 'Set a Value' from here, but need to find where I can SET Standard === 24 to 48 business hrs and Expedieted === 7 business days. Should I make a new column on my library where I can call these? I need to set this in the Reminder of the Task / Flexi Tasks. So I need to change Day, Hours, Min.... how do I do this? with a newly created variable == Standard that == 7 bus days or Expedited == 24 to 48 hrs. And this is where I am stuck.


Thanks for any help! - please let me know if you need more info-

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Re: How to set reminder based on two conditions

- create variables like: TurnAroundHours, TurnAroundDays, NbrNotifications


- with set condition action check what's the actual choice value 


- if it's standard, with set variable action populate respective variables like 

TurnAroundHours=24 (or 48? => I'm not sure what exactly means " turn around 24 to 48 business hrs")




- if it's Expedieted, with set variable action populate respective variables like 





- use above populated variables in flexi task to configure reminders, like 





so in one case you'll get 2 notification, each within 24h, in the other case one notification after 7 days

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