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How to send a notification when a list is updated

Hello everyone. I'm a beginner to Nintex workflow development and am hoping someone can help me with a task. I have a form that is manually filled out with a section that lists groups affected by the form's contents. These groups have one central point of contact each and a workflow currently sends a notification to all individuals for each group when the form is saved and submitted. However, sometimes more groups need to be added to this section after it was initially created and I would like a workflow that looks whenever the form is modified and sends a notification to only the newly added groups.


My first idea was to set a field that flags if a notification was sent but I quickly realized that this field would need to be specific for every group in every form and that seemed too big.


So is there is simpler way to check if a new group has been added to a list and send out a notification to only the new groups?


Thanks in advance for the help!

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Re: How to send a notification when a list is updated


There are many ways to acheive a solution.

I would have a workflow that ran when the item was created to copy the groups to another column.


Then have a workflow that runs on Item Modification or conditional start when the group column is updated.

The workflow would use a regular expression action to split the the group column and the copy of the groups column (lets call it group2) and store the results into collection variables.


Use a foreach to go through the group2 variable and pull out each group one by one.

Use a collection operation to "remove using value" and remove groups from group 1 with the contents of group 2.

What you will be left with will be a collection variable with only the new groups.


The workflow will look like:


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